emily j. Bride Amanda

Meet emily j. bride Amanda:


Takes your breath away, doesn’t she?!

We love that she went with a simple, fresh-faced bridal look–there’s already so much beauty right there!  The gently rosy cheeks just glow, especially with those gorgeous peonies in the frame.  And the low, classic bun works perfectly with that incredible veil and dress combination. Perfection all around, if you ask us.


Emily, Jessica, Noelle, Sarah and Becca were our lovely ladies on site at the gorgeous Calhoun Beach Club to help these lovely ladies pretty up:


(Those flowers! Those dresses!!)


Nothing is more satisfying than getting to help a bunch of pretty ladies amp up their own natural gorgeousness for big days like this one. Doesn’t everyone look happy and lovely, and also comfortable and like themselves? That’s always the goal–and it’s pictures like this one that really make our hearts glow.


emilyj_emilyjbride amanda over shoulder


And of course, Jeff Loves Jessica Photography did a stunning job capturing the day (and our gorgeous works of art, of course!)   Stay tuned… there will be more pictures to come from this incredible day.


We are so glad we were able to be a part of Amanda and Rich’s beautiful and special day! Best of wishes for a long, happy, and beautiful happily-ever-after.